The truth is this …There is nothing wrong with you and there never has been. You can trust your life completely. Your life is not a problem, crisis, pathology or emergency. It is a life. Healing is not “fixing.” Healing is making peace with what is.

It is helpful to consider that circumstances are value neutral. They are the raw material of the life you are currently making for yourself.


Your thoughts about your life are NOT your life. Your life is your life. It is helpful to see clearly the distinction between map and territory.

Hold a good thought for your self. If you want to heal your mind and find peace, this is the way.

It is helpful to consider that what you identify as your current “problems” are in reality the answers to the prayers you made in the past.

A true thing does not require belief. Only an untrue thing requires a convincing supporting argument and the mustering up of belief. Truth is clear and simple and self-evident. The untrue thing hides behind obfuscation and complexity.

Please consider that there is no such thing as “ambivalence” or “confusion.” These are places where our pride & vanity seek refuge when we fear or do not like what is true.

PRAYING ...“Praying” is nothing more, less or other than your relationship with life. NOTHING lies outside of the prayer … every thought, word and action you make is your life’s prayer. If you want a better experience … You may make a better prayer.

IN RELATIONSHIPS ... Our BELOVED is not with us to meet our needs, to do our bidding or to make us feel better about our self or our life. Our BELOVED is with us to BE LOVED. Live your own life. Love your BELOVED well. Open your heart and allow your self to BE LOVED by them. This is a relationship practice that works. This practice makes for a happy BELOVED life together.

It is helpful to consider that anxiety, depression, worry, etc. are nothing more or less than our mind’s attempt to buffer or protect us from fear. The truth is that human beings are an exceedingly vulnerable species. We spent the first several thousands of years of our existence mostly running for cover and procreating. To be a human being is to be terrified. It is normal and inevitable. Perhaps it’s best to take our naturally occurring human being terror cold … to simply allow it to arise and pass away. Rather than hand it over to our mind to make some sort of “problem” or pathology out of it.