Red Road Counseling offers a dynamic, multidisciplinary, short-term alternative to traditional psychotherapy and life coaching. It is a new paradigm of healing that draws on both leading edge healing technologies … and the wisdom of the ages. Counseling solutions for results-oriented people. Self-healing for the self-chosen.

Specialized help for…

  • Tech and Legal Professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Healing Arts Practitioners
  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Educators
  • Students

Experiencing …

  • Depression / Anxiety / Fear
  • Work stress
  • Loss of meaning / Drive / Focus
  • Life transitions, Grief / Loss
  • Mid-life crisis / Transition
  • Relationship stress
  • Transition / Divorce
  • Anger / Resentment
  • Addiction / Recovery
  • Family stress
  • Overwhelm

“Ultimately, all healing is Self-Healing. By healing our own life and finding our own peace, we do our part to support the healing of all our relations.” – Jeff Wright

Simple, practical & effective tools you can begin using immediately to improve the quality of your life
Effective counseling need NOT take forever to deliver results. After all, talking about life is not life. Life is life.
Our work together is forward-looking and rooted in the present.  No pathologization or diagnosis.  ALL life experiences and circumstances are honored as the raw material of the life you are making for yourself. Rest assured…No mistakes have been made. EVERYTHING in your life has been given to you for your healing.
Red Road Counseling is a reality-based approach to healing. We recognize that life is a real thing. It is not a metaphor or a thought game…No inner children, no good/bad object, no penis envy, etc.
The focus of our work together is quite simply to create a better, deeper, more vibrant life. A growing sense of happiness & peace of mind. More satisfying & meaningful relationships. A deepening connection to spirit, fulfilling & satisfying work & a good economy. Physical, mental/emotional & spiritual well-being. Useful service to others.
You are successful when you begin to see clearly the true path running down the center of your life. Come to instinctively know where to put your next step on the path. Are able make corrections in your practice (thoughts, word & actions) to become realigned with your true path. Are actively creating a life filled with peace, vitality, connection and happiness.

If you would like to learn more about Individual Counseling, please feel free to schedule a FREE initial phone consultation or book a counseling session online NOW.